All pictures by derekwoodsphotography

Its always so flattering to see people put together collections of my work for their blogs. Its also fascinating to see my images collected in different ways that make themes and consistent ideas very apparent. Its something I never notice until I see images collected by other people. 


Tantric Paintings from Rhajastan (1&3), Gunatraya Chakrasanas from Nepal (2&4). Tibetan Caduceus (5). 1600s.

(via velificatio)


Jordan Tiberio. “Two Souls” for Upon Paper Magazine Issue #03: Lovers. Rochester, NY. January 2013.

A message from Maris, the girl pictured: “This is me. This is my ex-boyfriend Sam. He broke up with me on our one year anniversary.  We lived together and I was left without a home and very much alone.  We had been together for a year and we lived together for most of that year.  We went everywhere together, we smoked the same cigarettes, we slept in the same bed.  It’s been almost four months since he broke up with me.  It was so hard but it’s gotten easier.  I moved back in with my parents and I just started dating a really great boy.  These pictures are weird to look at.  I thought when Jordan took them that we were so in love, it had just been my birthday and everything felt right and I was so happy. I was so happy. It’s hard to see these because I know now that Sam wanted to break up with me at the time these were taken and I was oblivious. He was my first real love.  We don’t talk any more.  I thought we could be friends but for whatever reasons, he stopped answering my messages and I stopped trying. But you know what? These pictures are special.  They are real, tangible representation of something that changed my life and changed me for the better.  I love you, Jordan, for taking these.  Thank you.